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      1. Clear. Committed. Connected.

        Powerful positive change takes three things: it takes hope, it takes willpower and it takes a system. We use neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to give you all three.?/span>

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        In just 6 days, we can show you how to change your thinking so that you feel better and do better. Managing your mindset will not only change what you can achieve. It will transform your key relationship: your connection to your best and biggest self. Our next practitioner course runs: Feb 23/24 and Mar 9/10 and Mar 23/24, 2019.

        Click here for our 2019 training schedule

        We offer three levels of training:

        1. #freeNLP events from 90minutes to full day courses
        2. Short courses to make powerful change in 2 days or less
        3. Certification as a Practitioner or Master Practitioner?/span>

        When you certify with us, you become part of the family: you are welcome back to practice your skills and manage yourself through new transitions. We’ll have your back when change happens and you need to reset and recharge.

        Come play with us! Play is the most powerful mindset for addressing big challenges, building resilience and strengthening relationships. The bigger the challenge, the more the mindset of play will allow you to let go of the stress and focus on your next step.

        #FREE Consultation: Email Linda to set up a #free 30 minute consultation on our coaching or training.

        Listen to this interview with Linda Ferguson. It will introduce you to the results you will get through NLP training.

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